Georgia Ford Next Generation Learning Hub

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Effingham College and Career Academy
ECA students are known as team members and teachers as directors, fostering a business setting at the school. Team members have the option to be dually enrolled - simultaneously earning credit toward a high school diploma and technical college certification. They are officially enrolled as students at their home school where they can participate in extra-curricular activities and graduate with the other seniors from their school.
Georgia Ford NGL is proud to be working with the following communities.
These communities have begun working with the GA Ford NGL Hub to begin the process of writing five year master plans. The process includes forming a stakeholder team comprising of secondary and post secondary educators along with members of business, non-profit and government organizations. They will work together for the next several months along with Ford NGL national coaches and GA Hub team members to form a plan and vision for their communities.
Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy
Floyd County Schools College And Career Academy will provide the opportunity for all students to acquire technological skills necessary for successful present and future employment. Qualified instructors will be responsible for recognizing the individual needs of students and providing a safe, secure environment for learning. The instructors will provide a technological curriculum to include training in problem solving, decision making, teamwork and communication for entry into the world of work or additional training in post-secondary institutions.
Newton College and Career Academy
With the full support of the Newton County Board of Education, the Newton County Chamber of Commerce, and our community and business leaders, the Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) was created to enhance academic achievement and provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary education and the workforce. Our goal is to provide students in Newton County high schools with requisite skills and knowledge to exceed the majority of U.S. Department of Education performance indicators; to increase the number of students in Newton County high schools receiving post-secondary credits through local post-secondary partners; and to help students become workplace ready in order to be gainfully employed or to continue their education and training in a variety of post-secondary options.